Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday 9/22

Today we vacuumed, polished the floors, and cleaned out the indoor swimming pool, which was filled with icky dead worms and spiders.

One of the calves died today and another is very sick. Calves and lambs all over the country have been dying from the storm because of flooding and then just the bitter cold. It’s been pretty devastating for many of the farmers on the south island – they’ve been having all kinds of snow as well. I think it’s just really sad, especially for the people in Christchurch. With the 7.4 earthquake that occurred shortly before JP and I arrived in NZ, many of the people of Christchurch have lost their homes. There have been aftershock earthquakes almost daily since the 7.4 one, most of which are quite large. It must be very difficult for the people there because they can’t quite start rebuilding and the storm just makes things worse.

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