Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday 9/19

Last night Tony and Sharyn invited us to go out to their friend’s house with them for drinks. So we drove through the stormy night over to Donna and Andrew’s house and joined them in their garage along with another couple. Tony drove separately so he could bring his band equipment and went right to work setting it all up. Andrew and Donna are dairy farmers and told us we’re welcome to come any time we want to milk their cows – but warned us that the cows stand so close to one another that they have to be milked from behind – so there’s a significant danger of being crapped on – and then the group of them went on to sharing stories throughout their lives of cows pooping on their heads.

Once all the band equipment was set up, Tony pulled out his guitar and started playing. They made JP jump on the drums and Sharyn began singing some of the songs her and Tony have written – which were REALLY good! She’s quite the performer. She gets really into it. :) And it was sooooooo good seeing JP on the drums again. He’s so cute. He never thinks of himself as very good, mainly because I think he compares himself to people who are better than him. But he’s really good! And everyone there was really excited to have him on the drums and kept making him play drum solos.
Then they forced me onto the microphone – and I reluctantly got up. :) I haven’t sung in forever. Flipping through their book of songs, the only one I know well enough to sing was “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillout! Haha so I sang that one with Sharyn on the guitar. And it was fun.
This morning Sharyn took JP and I to a Presbyterian church her friend goes to and we really enjoyed ourselves there. It’s always awkward when you don’t know anyone – but the people were really friendly, the teaching was good, and we knew all the music they sang – which always helps J. We met some people after the service including a couple called the Finers who said they’d like to take us out within the next week to prove to us that Wangara is the gem of NZ. :)

Today after lunch Tony and Sharyn had their band members and their spouses over to practice their music for the muppet party and we had a lot of fun getting to know them, listening to their band, and then doing karaoke later on… and yes, I FINALLY got JP to sing karaoke with me – and he loved it. We sang probably 3 songs. 2 of which were CAKE songs, of course.  :)

Later in the evening Tony went out on the farm and found that one of the sheep had given birth, so Tony brought the little lamb back to the house for us to meet.

I can’t even describe how in love I am with this little lamb. Oh wow. So he officially belongs to Corban and will be his lamb to compete with at school. Corban names him “CJ” J - after his own initials. 

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