Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday 9/20

This morning JP and I woke up to what we thought was one of the boys yelling, “MOM! MOM! MOM!” And when it didn’t cease, we finally ran upstairs to find out what was happening. But the sound was coming from out the door in the mudroom and was actually just little CJ bleating desperately – so we ran out to comfort him. He was trembling – and had peed in all of JP’s shoes. :) He’s warmed up to people really fast and spent the whole day trying to come inside. We’ve had so much fun playing with him and feeding him. He’s just so darn, freaking cute. Little lamb.

Today we washed the windows  - from the inside as the storm beat down on them from the outside – and then we baked cookies and chocolate crunch bars… all of which disappeared quite quickly. Yum! Haha  I love it. I’ve noticed that instead of saying, “it’s really good,” they’ll say, “it’s quite nice,” and instead of saying, “it’s delicious,” they say, “this is really yum!”
Yeah its not a big deal. I just like the way they talk.

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