Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday 9/23

We’re rather embarrassed to say we STILL haven’t done any farm work – the storm rages on, and Tony and Sharyn would rather we work indoors. We think we could handle working outside. We’re pretty tough!
And Tony does farm work outside each day.
But they’re really nice – and I dunno, maybe they don’t want sick workers. :) So we stick to the house work and baking.

Today we stripped the wallpaper from Tony and Sharyn’s bedroom walls – and next week we’ll probably be re-pasting some wallpaper back onto the walls.

This evening the band members came back over for one more practice. Sharyn pulled out some pictures albums of her and Tony for us to look through. The two of them met here in Waitara when they were 14 years old at a New Years Party on the beach (it’s Summer here for Christmas and New Years!) and started dating right there and then, even though Sharyn lived on the East coast in Napier. They got to see each other about 3 times a year after that and could talk on the phone for 10min/week, so they mostly wrote letters. They waited to get married until they were 21. We’ve loved learning their story, so it was really fun getting to look through at the pictures of them growing up from when they were really pretty young. Sharyn still has a scrapbook she started when they first met, which is so cute to look at. Hearing their story reminds me a lot of my little brother Jonathan and his girlfriend Rosie. :)

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