Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm in a really good mood today. I think it's because I got out of the house. :) lol..
I've gotten out of the house the past few days too… but only for walks during the day and then going to church for our church wide fast evening services.

This morning Peter had his 4mo wellness check with Dr. Dillon. 70th percentile for his head and weight. 96th percentile for his height. "Picture of health." "Obviously isn't missing any meals."
Peter received remarks about his strength - ability to hold his head well, hold himself up, strong grip…. received comments about being such a happy baby, seeming adventurous, attentive, taking it all in, and being a good listener.
He got two shots today… One was a crazy big combination of vaccines… Dtap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) combined with the polio vaccine and hib (5 vaccines in 1 shot!) and the other shot he got was for … dang what was that called… PCV (pneumococcal). We opted out of the Rotavirus and the Hep B. I wouldn't have gotten the polio for him either if we could have isolated it.
He did so well.
He cried hard as he received the shots - big gummy cries with a tight, red face and big rolling tears. But he'd open his eyes every few seconds and look between JP and my faces as we tried to comfort him and I could see that he was accepting it in increments. He calmed down a lot faster than he did after his 2 month vaccinations. Part of it could be that after his 2mo, I was with him alone, and I was scared of the vaccines - which I'm sure he could pick up on. This time I wasn't, and I had back up. JP offers amazing comfort that Peter readily absorbs - as do I.
I'm so thankful for my 2 men.
I'm also thankful for Peter's pediatrician, Dr. Dillon. Man, she's so great. I'm so thankful to have a doc that we trust and look forward to seeing. Thank you, Lord.

Well, I just got Peter down for a nap and this is the time that I should be doing bookkeeping for True Gorge… especially since I've been putting it off ALL week… but I had that feeling in me - that I needed to write. A sort of welling up in my chest. So I'll allow myself to write a bit longer.

That welling up in me had a strange effect…. I had this fleeting thought and a bit of an impulse that what I wanted to do was to sit out on the rocks under the big trees outside - the ones that hang over the cliff - and to look out contemplatively at the river and the hills and the mountain, while smoking a cigarette. Why do I get this impulse at times? I have never once smoke a single thing in my life :) and yet sometimes I think, "I need a cigarette."
It must be advertising. Cigarette = looking cool and chill and pensive. I would also need to wear sunglasses (even though it's a dark, cloudy day outside) and an indie haircut.
When I recognized that it was ridiculous to think I needed a cigarette to process and unwind, I tried to think of something else that could have the same effect. I realized that one of the only other things I could think of - that the media tells me is self-medicating and helps one relax - is a bubble bath.
Well, not only do I not have a bathtub, but I've always found bubble baths to be overrated. Because I usually have such high expectations for them, I try to sit them out, though from the moment I get in them, I start thinking about how ready I am to be done.
I believe cigarettes are also similarly overrated. I would like it very much if tv shows such as madmen, and all musicians would please stop smoking so I can stop unconsciously thinking that there's something cool about it.
I never should have watched that show madmen. I don't think it has anything positive to offer… and I never had this desire for cigarettes before watching it… :/

I just got off the phone with Doree. Grandma Post had an injury yesterday. While she was dusting the house, a platter on the wall fell on her head. She wasn't knocked out, but she did have to go to the hospital and get stitches. She's back home and is doing ok. I imagine this is terrifying for Grandpa - and frustrating for her. I so wish we lived close enough so we could swing over to their home to be with them. They are the sweetest, dearest people. It's kind of painful for me that we live so far away from them - from all our family. I love where we are and do think I would want to move, but I don't know that we can live our whole lives this way - being away from all our family.

Well apparently that's all I have to say for now...

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