Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saturday 10/2

Today JP got to herd cattle with Tony, separating one Tony’s cows from another man’s cows. Tony would allow the cows from one group to exit through a gate while JP tried to herd the wrong ones a way by scaring them with clicking sounds and swatting them on the behind with a stick. He had a blast doing it and said he felt like a real life farmer. J
Meanwhile I was washing dishes – feeling a little jealous. But that’s ok because JP had to go back out to the field with a hoe in the hot sunshine to wack away at thistles, while I got to learn how to transplant flowers with Sharyn from Grandma Celia’s garden.
That afternoon for lunch, we ate delicious corn fritters. I’m for sure gonna learn how to cook those! Corban and Jesse gobbled most of them down. J
After lunch we hopped in the truck, which they call a ute, and went to the walkway (or waterfront) in New Plymouth, where we met Shay, Nicki, and their 2 little girls, Summer and Keely. The boys got to bring their bicycles. It was kinda cold because of all the wind down there… but it was gorgeous and we loved it. We’d thought about going to a rugby game, the whole family that is, but we decided to stay in that night and enjoy our last night all together. After the boys went to bed, JP and I played a couple of games with Tony and Sharyn and had so much fun. We played Carcassonne again. And Tony won again. J lame.


  1. Hello sweet girl.
    Thank you for the update. It was a blessing to wake up early and find many new posts on the web. The last one we saw was from 9/23 - so almost two weeks had passed since we'd seen anything. I wonder if I missed the "newer posts" button . . . . and there were entries there all the time.
    We are so pleased that you and JP are experiencing these delightful times.
    You are surely a blessing to whomever you may run into - as well as being blessed.
    We love you. Mom & Dad

  2. Ashley and JP,
    it sounds like quite the adventure so far! I am curious about this game... I feel inspired to get out of this country, (although it is not reasonable for me at this point) You two are blessed to have each other to share this amazing adventure. I love you both and send my prayers